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Summer Storage

Alterations, Repairs, and Other Services

About Silverman furs

At Silverman, we have a beautiful new collection of the latest styles in outerwear. One of them (maybe two!) is perfect for a special event, a holiday reception, Christmas with the family, or just a stroll around the neighborhood. Nothing makes you feel as special as a fur or quality outerwear from Silverman.

Our mission is to provide quality furs and outerwear that will evoke true love. We bring you a product that guarantees a lifetime of warmth, style, and luxury. With our on-site offerings such as alterations, storage and repairs, Silverman is a full-service, luxury wear & care company.

"People buy furs for glamour. A woman puts on a mink and wants to get that feeling of flying high. It’s that glint in her eye.”

— Samuel Silverman (1985)